Rubik cube game solution

rubik cube game solution

Puzzle Solutions for the Rubik's Cube puzzle. is very easy to learn. Anyone can do it! In about 30 minutes with this guide, you'll have a cube that looks like this. 3 x 3 Solution. Learn to solve the 3x3 Rubik's Cube in 6 easy stages! Watch all stages with these new animated video guides to help get you started. Stage 1. If the cube is not complete, apply L2 B2 L' F' L B2 L' F L' an additional time. You have now solved the Rubik's cube!.

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It is relatively easy to understand, compared to other methods, and it minimizes the need to memorize long sequences of moves. If your white layer looks like the picture below, you have completed one third of the cube and you can move to stage 4! Twisting the Cube A letter with an "i" after it means an inverted or counter-clockwise move when looking at the face directly. Create a vertical line by rotating the top U face until the front color of the edge piece on the top U face without yellow on it matches a side center piece. Hierfür gibt es ein paar kürzere Algorithmen: Im vierten Schritt bilden wir ein gelbes Kreuz auf der gelben Seite. From here there are four possibilities:

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5 SIMPLE moves to EASILY solve the Rubik's Cube - Learn in 15 minutes Tutorial Dark grey on the pictures means the color does not matter. Tip Yellow edge pieces on the top U face do NOT need to match on the side pieces Now the white square is in the D face, and you can move it to the right position as described above. Viele Leute bleiben an diesem Punkt hängen, denn der Algorithmus mit dem man die zweite Ebene löst ist meist viermal auszuführen, bevor die zweite Ebene gelöst ist. We can get three possible patterns on the top. If one of the edge pieces is already in the middle row, but in the wrong position, then do either one of the sequential moves, and it will move to the top layer. The U and D faces should stay the same during this movement.

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If you have an older Rubik's cube, these instructions will be difficult to follow. Repeat with the remaining yellow corners. This is an easier version of what is usually called the "beginner method". If this corner piece has yellow on the F face, apply F D F' D' F D F' D'. Nun führst du den Algorithmus aus und sollten die Ecken noch nicht an der richtigen Stelle sein führst du ihn erneut aus. If the white corner piece is where it belongs but turned wrong then first you have to pop it out. Notation F - Vorne, R - Rechts, U - Vorne, L - Links L — Links im Uhrzeigersinn F' — Vorne gegen den Uhrzeigersinn 1,2. There are two symmetric algorithms we have to use in this step. You can do this for sure with a little practice. Holding Your Cube While holding your spielanleitung skipbo as shown, here: Pick an edge piece that does contain yellow. Here are a few examples: rubik cube game solution You are so close to the end so be careful because this is the step in this tutorial where most people get lost. Cooking oil is good too but it doesn't last as long. Entdecke den Zauberwürfel Beschäftige dich mit Würfel und werde vertrauter mit ihm, bevor du dir diese Lösung anguckst und schau, wie weit du ohne sie kommen kannst. To do this, it lists each face the pieces is a part of. Tips Notice the vertical row of blue this could be red, orange, green - THIS IS CRITICAL! Anyone can do it! WHITE opposite YELLOW ORANGE opposite RED GREEN opposite BLUE. Understand clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. This will take quite a bit of practice. If the white corner piece is where it belongs but turned wrong then first you have to pop it out. You are so close to the end so be careful because this is the step in this tutorial where most people get lost. Tips Be sure to solve the sections of the white cross in the following order - blue, orange, green, red. Wir haben die sechs Seiten des Würfels mit den Initialen der jeweiligen Bewegungen markiert. The F, R, B, and L faces should all have an upper row of three squares that match the center color. FAQ Store FAQ Usage Rights FAQ. What should I do if I can't solve the middle layer? Find a new edge piece on the D face with no yellow squares. Zwischendurch kann es passieren, dass der Würfel wieder verdreht aussieht, doch lass dich davon nicht stören.


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